Studio C - Vocal Tracking, Pre-mixing & Pre-production

The Hideout’s Studio C was custom-built for writing, editing, overdubbing, vocal editing, pre-production, and music and vocal production. The space features a Solid State Logic (SSL) Matrix mixing console, SSL XLogic modules and Tannoy monitors.

Solid State Logic (SSL) Matrix Mixing Console

Avid Pro Tools 10 HD 16 I/O

Tannoy System 215 DMT
Meyer Sound HD-1

*Ask about optional near field monitors

BAE 312A
Avalon VT-737SP [please check for extra space]
Manley Dual Mono 40dB
API 512B (2 available)

API 550A (4 available)
API 560 (6 available)
API 560B

SSL XLogic 5.1 Super Analogue Multi-Channel Compressor
Summit Audio DCL-200 Dual Compressor / Limiter
Universal Audio UREI 1176LN
Focusrite ISA 131 (2 available)

Lynx Aurora 16

Studio C Dimensions:

Approximately 18’W x 14’D x 9’H
Studio C’s Live Room is approximately 16’W x 14’D x 9’H

Studio C Gallery
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Studio C Gallery