Audio Mixing Services

audio mixing services

The Hideout Recording Studio is known throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas for our audio mixing services, with the best engineers in the business.

Mixing is the process of combining the different sonic elements of recorded music—such as vocals, instruments, and effects—into a final version, and our recording studios are specifically designed to reveal the most intimate sonic details. Each of our recording studios is equipped with an SSL console and a variety of analog and digital gear, allowing us to process multiple sound sources.

We provide many audio mixing options. We use a combination of hardware and plugins to tweak and add effects to each element of your recording, according your preferences. Just bring your aesthetic wish list, and we’ll help to get it done beautifully and professionally.

We can print your final mix to a Studer tape recorder and/or Fairchild 670 hardware compressor.  For very best results, be sure to separate each instrument—such as kicks, snares, and synths—and vocals, such as lead and background vocals, into individual audio files or tracks, so that we can refine the details of each one.

Your Audio Mix House mixes will include the final audio mix, instrumental mix, an a cappella mix, and a TV mix. We are able to provide additional mix stems at prorated studio rates. Just let us know what you need.

Interesting in mixing in the Las Vegas area?  Please contact us with your questions about mixing services, or to schedule time in the studio.